Tesla: Gigafactory Fo(u)r Germany?

4w ago


Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, is often portrayed as a man, who wants to conquer not only the world but the entire universe. His car company is struggling financially, but the American manufacturer is still continuing its expansion over the entire globe. After Nevada and Buffalo, Tesla are currently building a third "Gigafactory" in Shanghai, China. But in contrast to most other manufacturers, who are outsourcing production away from Europe and North America for cost-cutting, Tesla is planning the fourth Gigafactory in the heart of Europe. German politicians have now revealed, where exactly this location may be.

Lower Saxony's economy minister Bernd Althusmann confirmed that Tesla has contacted his office in this matter. According to him, Tesla has very specific requirements for the location of the project including renewable energy sources nearby, a dynamic research environment and a good connection to the European transport network including direct harbor access.

The map shows locations of other car factories in Germany. Some of them have already been closed down.

According to information from a local newspaper, Emden and the so-called Ems-region are currently favored by the American car manufacturer. Emden is already home to a VW-factory and would fulfill all of the above-mentioned criteria. Tesla are currently looking for an actual vehicle assembly location, not a battery plant. Althusmann did not want to talk about the size of the factory, but it is estimated that it would create between 1000 and 2000 jobs.

It's a bold move. Do you think they will be successful?

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