Tesla in court in Germany over 'misleading autopilot claims'

The Munich Organisation is tackling the EV manufacturer head-on

5d ago


One of the biggest talking points of Teslas vehicles is the so-called 'autopilot' system which allows the car to effectively drive itself along stretches of highway, with the driver remaining vigilant and still technically in full control of the car. Unfortunately, some drivers take this as meaning the car is fully-autonomous and proceed to carry out unrelated (and sometimes dangerous) tasks behind the wheel, assuming that the Tesla has everything under control.

Naturally, this has caused several accidents involving the Tesla Model 3, Model S and Model X due to drivers putting their faith totally in this autonomous system rather than keeping their hands on the wheel or their eyes on the road, with victims claiming that the name 'autopilot' is misleading.

According to the German media outlet Automobilwoche, the Munich Association - an organisation fighting against 'unfair competition' has taken Tesla to court in Munich over claims that the EV manufacturer wrongly leads owners to believe that the cars can drive with total autonomy on German roads - thereby opening up Tesla to a false advertising claim.

The problem is, Tesla advertise their autopilot system as being capable of "automatic steering, acceleration and braking" also allowing for the "full potential for autonomous steering." The caveat is that Tesla also mention that these features do still require "active driver monitoring" - therefore meaning that you are in fact NOT able to just 'leave the car to it' and start going through your daily emails whilst behind the wheel.

The Munich Association therefore believes Teslas advertising campaign around the 'Autopilot' function leads to false ideas and impressions about the capability of the cars self-driving system, and is wanting the manufacturer to cease promoting the system as an "Autopilot" on safety grounds.

Munich Group CEO and lawyer Andreas Ottofulling states that Tesla advertising their self-driving capabilities in this way is a "serious disadvantage for vehicle manufacturers who comply with advertising regulations" thereby stating that Tesla in fact do break advertising standards rules.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this isn't the first time the Munich Association have taken Tesla to court, as back in 2019 it successfully argued that Tesla could no longer advertise their Model 3 with prices "according to estimated savings" as this mislead potential stakeholders and violated information regulation.

Should Tesla be able to continue to promote their self-driving features as an 'Autopilot' function? Let me know below.

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Comments (6)

  • long overdue

      5 days ago
  • Those Tesla drivers are idiots. If AI matches human in driving, we would've been in a machine war already. And aircraft pilots don't just leave the autopilot on and do nothing either.

    But Tesla is still selling premature technology. They don't say it's a driver assist function, meaning they simply assume the autopilot can do all the jobs, which is ridoculous.

      5 days ago
  • At last people realising that it's just an overexpensive cruise control with an automatic lane departure warning and auto steer working together to change lanes whenever the lane is cleared which is aided by liadars,

    It's just all device working in tandem, and driven and believed by those who lost all their faith and interest in driving and are now just using these unreliable tech just to flex their muscle in the society,

    So that they can pretend to be like someone who is as influential as someone like obama or some greenpeace activist,

    But in reality they don't even want to drive that car but they want to sleep behind the wheel and have all the faith on that unreliable tech which not even risk that moron's life but other on the road also,

    Well these vehicle are invented before and roam around every now and then and those are called Taxi or in New terms Uber services,

      4 days ago
  • Yeah!!!

    Av em, get that filthy sell out Musk! Get him skinted and sleeping in doss houses!!

      4 days ago
  • Heh, heh, you just KNOW they're rattling the big three's cage when they're trying to make out that Tesla isn't all it claims! You only have to read the fine print to wipe this silly claim into the weeds.

      4 days ago