Tesla Is Missing Model 3 Projections And Its Customers Couldn't Care Less

1y ago


There's been a lot of bad press about Tesla recently. Elon Musk seems to be getting crotchitier by the day, responding to tweets of random people and giving cryptic messages online. He also showed his frustration by screaming "SHAME" at reporters on a conference call about the Model 3, originally reported by Jalopnik. On top of that, Model 3 production has been delayed, a lot like the Model S when it was first ramping up production, and Tesla's head of bettery tech just bailed. Signs are not good.

But yet, none of the Model 3 reservation holders seem to really care about all this. As Bloomberg reported, despite all the delays and bad press, these holders aren't budging and they want their Model 3s still.

"Brian Lawley was among the first to reserve a Tesla Model 3 after standing in a lengthy line in March 2016 to plunk down $2,000 for not one but two reservations. Almost 20 months later, he’s not going anywhere -- even though the wait just got longer.

Even as the company led by Elon Musk struggles with manufacturing bottlenecks and pushes back production targets by at least a quarter, many reservation holders aren’t budging. Bloomberg News contacted 20 consumers who paid deposits for the Model 3 and none had canceled their orders. Regardless of the concerns raised by slower output and an uncertain future for U.S. electric-car tax credits, Nomura analyst Romit Shah predicts the affinity for Tesla Inc. products will prevail.

“I just want Tesla to get the Model 3 right, even if it takes them an extra six months,” said Lawley, 53. “I view any delays as a good thing to make sure that the quality is excellent.”

Lawley and the rest of those 20 holders shows one thing about Tesla: consumers are willing to wait and ignore the static about the company. WIll the Model 3 bring Tesla and the EV to the next level as far as mainstream adoption? I believe yes. The Model S isn't going anywhere and Tesla has only increased in popularity in the last few years with consumers.