Tesla just added $50 billion to its market value

Now that's some serious cash!

6d ago

Tesla proved everyone wrong when they released their stats for the first quarter of 2021 when it reported more new vehicle deliveries than predicted.

It showed that over 184,000 electric cars, mainly Tesla Model 3 and Model Ys reached customers in the first three months of the year, surpassing the 178,000-unit prediction. So not only is Tesla still embracing its status as being the world's most valuable automaker, but now it has just increased its market value by $50 billion.

Reuters reports Tesla stock jumped by almost 8 percent in pre-market trading this Monday. It's now on track to hit its highest price in over a month. At the time of writing, Tesla is worth a staggering $691 billion.

This is mighty impressive and means Tesla will be leading the space for a while yet, but bigger and more established car brands are making their stand in the EV space and aren't afraid to attack.

Is Tesla safe or are established brand coming up fast?

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Comments (7)

  • Tesla are gonna be in this position for a while. Whether they deserve to be or not is subjective.

      5 days ago
  • It goes to show you don't have to sell a lot of cars to be rich

      5 days ago
  • Volkswagen is coming up right behind Tesla so Tesla won’t have that podium soon

      6 days ago
  • I feel Volkswagen will overtake Tesla in the next few years. Volkswagen has progressed fast in bev vehicles and will continue to produce new models with upgraded technology. Naturally, their stock has doubled since December, which is wunderbar.

      3 days ago
  • Its still incredibly overvalued. GM sold 642k vehicles in the same period. VW had 920k. Toyota did 528k...in the USA alone. The stock value is just a bunch of investors pouring money into it. It is unrealistic to the company itself.

      4 days ago