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Tesla Model 3 and Y owners can also get a Yoke steering wheel

The awkward ergonomics don't seem to bother them

5w ago

Tesla fans seem to like anything out of the ordinary. Despite the obvious ergonomic shortcomings of the Yoke steering wheel on the facelifted Model S and Model X, Model 3 and Model Y owners also want the same feature on their vehicles.

Apart from the fact that it looks undeniably futuristic, the Yoke steering wheel allows a clear view on the instrument cluster, which was previously partially obstructed by the rim of the traditional steering wheel. This interest becomes very limited on the Model 3 and Model Y since these two models only have a central screen as an instrument panel.

The main thing is the wow effect and this copy of the Yoke steering wheel is very convincing in that respect. Made in China by Hansshow, the product faithfully imitates the official model with perfectly respected shapes and proportions. The choice of materials seems even superior with Alcantara and fake carbon inserts on the spokes.

However, the very specific atmosphere brought by this steering wheel and the quite noticeable upgrade cost between $1,099 and $1,259 depending on the materials chosen. On top of that, you'll have to deal with some very questionable ergonomics that will require you to change your habits, at the risk of being extremely disappointed.

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Comments (8)

  • The “joke”steering wheel

      1 month ago
    • We should crowd fund them so that every milkfloat owner that wants one gets one.

      We can then feel smug with the favour we've done for society as each of them loses control drives off a cliff/into a tree etc.

      Cue smug-face...

        1 month ago
  • You can’t g thug one of those it’s ridiculous. You know seat way back 1 hand on top of the steering wheel. Got to drive that like a granny, one hand towards your waist gives the wrong impression.

      1 month ago
  • Just give it a Sony Playstation controller as a steering and get done with it.....ffs.....

      1 month ago
  • I dunno... I mean, I'm not really well versed in crash safety but I don't think it's as safe as driving with the 9:15 or 10:20 positions, when in a crash, those positions can allow your arms to create a structure with a collapsing point closer in line with your torso's center of mass, allowing your arms to not only use their strength to dissipate some of the deceleration's energy but also guiding your torso in the straightest line possible. But, judging by that photo, this yoke wheel places the elbow way down, increasing your torso's leverage through your arms and creating a pivot point for the torso to move in an arch istead of forwards (I mean, as forwards as the seatbelts allow, because waist section of the belt will eventually do the same) also, once your arms are fully folded, they could act as a wedge, pushing your torso upwards and/or driving your elbows into your thighs or waist under the force applied by your torso depending on your driving position and body structure also increasing the chances where your torso could crush your arms (not necessarily bone but muscle fibres or damaging tendons), also also, imagine crashing while holding the wheel as a hadle bar, the forwards momentum would create a huge wheight load on the bone and joints that join your thumb with your palm, with all the repercussions that might have, but also force your arms through the holes of the steering wheel, likely wedging them and creating severe load points along your forearms and hands if they manage to hit the dashboard, I dont see the airbag doing too much about it since it's above the hands and forearms. Also also also, I hope the models equipped with those yoke-wheels can turn with only 90 degrees left or right in the steering wheel like F1 cars do, one of the reasons steering wheels are circular or somewhat circular is because that shape allows you to keep holding the steeringwheel at any steering angle/position, having squared section in a steering wheel is to make room if the legs don't fit or the top of the steering wheel is exposed to airflow, I don't think the model 3/100 or whY? have neither of those problems so... not too much of an excuse for this wheel other than the novelty, which is fine to me, I have no problem with novel or gimmycky things but, this one does not inspire trust on me at all.

      1 month ago
  • this is not good

      1 month ago