Tesla Model 3 Catches Fire in China, Initial Investigation Reveals a Crash Damaged Underbody

Tesla woes continue

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As per a report published on CNBC, a Tesla Model 3 has exploded in an underground residential parking garage in Shanghai recently. Citing Tesla's response to Chinese media, the report further suggests that no people were injured in the fire.

Initial investigation by US based EV maker indicates the accident was caused by an impact on the underbody of the Model 3. Tesla has been producing Model 3 in Shanghai plant for more than a year now, however it was not immediately clear whether the Model 3 affected was a locally made or imported version.

The impact caused the battery pack of Tesla to spontaneously combust, however Chinese battery manufacturing giant Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) said it did not make the battery pack for the car.

This is not the first time a Tesla has caught fire and more so in China itself. Before beginning local manufacturing in China, the world's most valuable automaker was selling imported Model S and X in the country. One such Model S caught fire in 2019.

A video went viral on Chinese social media which showed a parked Tesla Model S car exploding. The video was widely shared on China's Twitter-like Weibo and showed the parked EV emit smoke and burst into flames seconds later. A video purportedly of the aftermath showed a line of three cars completely destroyed.

Tesla quickly sent a team to investigate the matter. There have been at least 14 instances of Tesla cars catching fire since 2013, with the majority occurring after a crash. However, no such incident was recorded in last 2 years, and the recent Chinese fire incident is the latest one after a couple of years.

The automaker has said its EVs are approximately 10 times less likely to experience a fire than petrol-powered cars, based on its fleet of over 500,000 vehicles which have driven more than 10 billion miles(AHEM AHEM). It did not specify whether the statistic referred to normal use or involving accidents.

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  • Not trying to defend Tesla here, but all we know is that a Tesla with a damaged structure bursted into flames. What if the Chinese driver had a crash some while ago and just kept on driving? TBH that really isn't an extreme scenario down there. Damaged electronics can be very dangerous: short circuiting can definitely cause a violent fire.

    This doesn't mean I'm a fan of Tesla build quality (I'm not), just stating that it's easy to jump to conclusions without some reference...

      1 month ago
    • I agree with you

        1 month ago
    • I’m on the same page too. Crash damaged battery previous to the fire is hardly Tesla’s fault. This isn’t different to an ICE’s petrol tank leaking fuel and then the car exploding!

      Get to the root cause of the problem then apportion blame,...

      Read more
        1 month ago
  • Dear Elon Musk,


    Love, well, I focking hate you,


      1 month ago
  • But the isn't the thumbnail from Grosjean's crash?

      1 month ago
    • Well,I couldn't find any image.That one's for representation only.Anyways,I've found one and I'm changing it

        1 month ago
  • Oh no.


      1 month ago
  • That's what Tesla has. They just keep pushing for battery capacity without caring how vulnerable they become as a result.

      1 month ago