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Tesla Model 3 Made Up For 3% Of US Car Sales in 2019

5w ago


I​t was at this time last year that Tesla was on the verge of bankruptcy, Musk was getting in trouble with the government, and the Tesla Model 3 seemed like a lost dream. If you had told me one year ago today that the Tesla Model 3 would be the best selling luxury car, I wouldn't have believed you. Now, if you had told me that it would make up for 3% of every car sold in America for 2019 so far, I'd have laughed.

But it's true. The Tesla Model 3 has accounted for 3% of ALL cars sold this year in the US. To put that into perspective, EV's account for just 1.6% of cars globally. But the Model 3 alone makes up for 3%, according to a study done by Zachary Shahan of 'CleanTechnica'. Perhaps even more shocking is this: For Q1 & Q2 of 2019, one of every 33 cars sold was a Model 3, but solely in Q2, the number is even more impressive. (Drumroll, Please) For the second quarter of 2019, the Model 3 made up for one out of every 27 cars sold on US soil.

S​ource: CleanTechnica

T​hese are staggering figures, and they display that electric cars can be 'for the people'. The Model 3 is the only EV ever to be in the top ten best selling cars list in America, and it makes up for 67% of the EV market, propelling the Electric car industry miles further.

N​o matter where you stand on Tesla, whether you're a Wall Street blowhard that's betting $100K on Tesla's demise, or whether you're a liberal that loves EV's, you must admit that the Model 3 has been one of the best cars in history because Musk did exactly what he intended to do.

Elon once said that he didn't care if Tesla was profitable. He wanted to bring the Electric car to the masses, no matter the cost.

A​nd he did it. Musk blew through money and walked the line between bankruptcy and success. But he succeeded. He started the EV revolution, much like Henry Ford started the affordable car revolution. And for that, he deserves applause.

I​n ten years, when Electric cars bring the automobile to its next chapter, know that it was thanks to that "self-inflated blowhard" that everyone hated. That South African-born billionaire that you thought would fail. It was all thanks to Elon Musk.

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