Tesla Model 3 orders go online in the UK

2y ago

Elon Musk dropped on Twitter that the UK configurator would go live in May. True to his word it did on May 1. And I wasted no time in placing my order. Really pleased that the Standard Plus configuration was available at launch which crucially brings this vehicle below the Premium VED list price ceiling of £40K (update: may not qualify because the price quoted included the plug-in grant) . While it would be nice to have Dual Motors and a long-range battery (it's software limited probably), I have built a car that I will be more than happy to take delivery of as soon as June. Although I'll believe that when I see it! Interestingly we get the same deal as the US. If you don't test drive the car you have seven days to return your Model 3 if you don't like it!

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