Tesla Model 3 Performance is the fastest production EV around Laguna Seca

26w ago


Laguna Seca has been known in the past to test the lap times of many cars before to see 'what is the fastest around the track'. This time, its Tesla's time to shine.

Cameron Rogers was the one who claimed the production electric vehicle record at the track with his Tesla Model 3 Performance.

He set a record breaking lap time of 1 minute and 41.28 seconds around the 3.6km track which means the Model 3 Performance is at the top of the list in the production EV category for the track.

However, this isn't entirely stock. This Model 3 has had a suspension upgrade from Mountain Pass Performance which would have really helped in the Laguna Seca corners.

Cameron Rogers even beat some tuned BMW M3s on the day. “It was faster than a number of track-prepared BMW M3’s, some of which came on a trailer and aren’t street vehicles. Our Model 3 is 100% street-comfortable, and of course passes smog,” he told Electrek.

With the Model 3 at the top of the leaderboard this means the Tesla Model S P100D driven by a Tesla’s development team (1:43.0) is just below that and the Jaguar I-Pace driven by Randy Pobst (1:48.1) is third in the ranking.

The Performance package with the Model 3 means you get a dual-motor system instead of the standard single one, 90 more mile range bringing the total to 310, AWD system, 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, 155 mph top speed over the standard 140mph and a nicer interior option and of course more exterior carbon fibre.

So, now the Model 3 is the world's safest car and the fastest car around Laguna Seca...

What's next for Tesla?