Tesla Model 3 to become first electric New York cab

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When thinking about a taxi, what’s the car you think of? Chances are, it’s the Ford Crown Victoria. That’s because the infamous Crown Vic is the most commonly used model for the yellow Taxicabs of New York City.

With times changing though, and electric mobility becoming more popular than ever, the Big Apple’s Taxi and Limousine Commission has decided to approve a new type of car as a yellow cab. In fact, not long from now, those hailing for a cab around the streets of one of America’s largest cities will surely find themselves in a Tesla Model 3.

Although it’s not a rare occurrence for the commission to approve new models as taxis and limos, this is quite a notable step. The Model 3 is the first all-electric car to become a part of New York’s workforce as it joins the likes of other green cars like the Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid and the Toyota Prius.

Although it’s a great move by the Taxi Commission to allow an electric car to become a yellow cab, it seems like a slightly self-destructive decision. Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO has previously said that he plans to launch a so-called ‘Robotaxi’ service that would surely render taxi companies redundant. Obviously, by inciting a mass order of Tesla models, this move is simply giving Musk more money to fund his upcoming taxi service.

Elsewhere, the mid-size saloon has already proven itself to be a great taxi. In fact, the Netherlands has been using Tesla models for transporting people for quite a few years. In 2017, Dubai announced that it was hoping to unleash a fleet of 200 Tesla taxis after a string of successful tests.

It seems then, that the Tesla Model 3 is so good at what it does that its owners are being made redundant so slowly that they don’t notice. Therefore, if Elon Musk really is going to unleash a heard of self-driving taxis into the open road, taxi companies will be the cause of their own demise.

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  • technically not the first electric taxi for NYC. The 1894 Electrobat was briefly used as a New York Taxi

    13 days ago
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  • Many countries have fleets of Toyota Prius Hybrids as taxis

    14 days ago
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