Tesla Model 3 tops European monthly sales chart

This makes it the first battery electric car to do so.

During the month of September, 24,600 Model 3 cars were sold across Europe, thus outperforming ICE-powered cars such as the VW Golf and Renault Clio, and taking 2.6% of the market share. There's speculation however that due to Tesla pushing imports at the end of the quarter, the Model 3 will not keep its position for long.

This news comes at a time when many of Tesla's rivals are struggling as a result of a protracted global shortage of computer chips. Furthermore, European car registrations have fallen by 25% in September of this year in comparison to September 2020.

Despite these bleak prospects, Tesla has scored a number of victories during this time; for example, the company achieved record profits of £1.2 billion, and also Hertz announced that it had ordered 100,000 Tesla cars for delivery by the end of 2022 in an attempt to build the largest electric rental fleet in North America.

Although this news once again demonstrates how people are becoming more accepting of electric cars, I still once again think that there is room for improvement for things such as range, charging time, infrastructure and price.

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  • Tesla Model 3 might be the most "European" American car

      1 month ago