Tesla Model 3 vs Firebird Trans Am: Which one wins in a 1/4 mile drag race?

Comments (12)
Comments (12)

The Tesla Model 3 is the new budget car from the electric car-maker that previously only produced top-end luxury EVs.

It is the car that is intended to take Tesla - and the electric car itself - mainstream. Where once EVs were the preserve of enthusiasts and the wealthy only, the Model 3 is Elon Musk's attempt to bring the electric car to the masses.

Unlike previous Teslas it was designed with affordability in mind, more so than performance, but as an EV it will have instant torque anyway when compared to petrol-powered cars.

So how does the cheapest car in the Tesla range compare to an internal combustion engined performance car like a Firebird Trans Am? Which one do you think will win?

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Comments (12)
  • Would be interesting to know what mode that Tesla was in. I'm suspecting they were running in ludicrous mode but it doesn't mention it anywhere. Let's face it though the family car basically made that Firebird look like it was a 1.1 fiesta for the first 1/8 mile. In a drag race it's all about the 1/4 mile so the Tesla was quicker whichever way you look at it

    2 months ago
  • Confirms a feeling I have never had to deal with,

    but now the not having too and the not knowing that I was quite happy and okay unbothered by has been dealt with.

    I still don’t want a firebird ever , and the whimsical feeling to buy a Tesla that we will all have occasionally like a cold sore is still held at bay.

    Had the Tesla taken off like a rapid dog trying to escape Norfolk the symptoms of potential Tesla ownership may have persisted to the point Anal planning due to limited range .

    And I know it fast charges and so,

    But if I want to drop family in Cornwall from London on a Friday morning so they can start there holiday car packed full.

    Then return to London for a Friday afternoon meeting , pick up the another fellow holidaymaker and some other items from Home I hate to share or see on holiday but it’s insisted upon .

    Head back down to join all for a tipple and so around the fire pit in the late evening sunset .

    I can’t realistically with out having to stop for more time than I would in places I probably wouldn’t .

    Could go m4 m5 I bet of the m4 in chipping norton there’s many Tesla free electric charge bays outside typically British shops selling traditional typical stuff at prices i can afford because I am not paying to refuel ( I won’t equate an hour and a half of earnings and the money I would of spent on dream catchers ,fudge,tea towels and cider in a plastic milk bottle )

    And the firebird is ridiculous,

    Lovely to have one in a collection as a piece of automotive history ( in a back room somewhere with the Plymouth prowler, Tesla coupe “lols “ and the Lincoln Navigator)

    3 months ago
  • If the firebird got a better start i think it may have won

    3 months ago
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  • Ok.. ..time to start racing a half mile drag or a mile. A quarter mile is nice but a half mile or mile will see what cars go the balls at the top end.

    3 months ago
  • The TA sandbagged hard! BUT, i've driven electric cars, man are they fast off of the line!

    3 months ago


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