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Tesla Model S does 400,000 miles in 3 years. Guess what the Battery is like!

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Tesloop, a shuttle service company from California recently broke a Tesla record by doing 400,000 miles (643,000 km) with their Tesla Model S 90D (nicknamed eHawk), and they wrote about it in their blog post.

So, what's the bill?

Well, it costed them $60,000 to run the Tesla, or $0.15 /mi over those three years. But those are just numbers, how does it compare to a regular car - like Lincoln Town Car?

Luckily for us, they kept a good track of every expense on eHawk and an estimate how much would it cost if they had that Lincoln. You can check that out here. But if you are too lazy to read: Lincoln costs $28,000 more, or $0.22 /mi.

They also have a Tesla Model X, and the savings on it against the Merc GLS are estimated at $49,000. Wowza!

Hey... what about the battery?!

As you might have guessed, the battery has been changed, twice! After 194,000 mi, and after 324,000 mi. And when you take into the account how aggressively were they fast-charging it, that is nothing out of the ordinary.

To keep the batteries nice and fresh, Tesla recommends you don't supercharge it to 100%, and don't do it multiple times per day, right after driving it. But, the nature of work at Tesloop is such that they had to ignore all those tips or lose the clients.

What's surprising is that the battery degradation after these first 200K was only 6%.

Second battery was changed at 324,000mi and had a much more aggressive degradation - 22%. Turns out, the battery voltage assembly was not functioning properly, so after a replacement and a good-old software update, eHawk was back in business!

credits: Tesloop

However, their Tesla X which I mentioned before is still running strong after 300,000 mi and an original battery back with ~10% degradation. Impressive!

What about the interior?

See for your self. Even after thousands of passengers rubbing their buts in the seats, they still look clean and tidy.

Tesloop believes that eHawk can drive another 600,000 miles over the next 5 years, while under standard 8 year warranty.

Myth Busted?

So what does that say about Tesla reliability, build quality, and overall, about the battery pack degradation? Would this make you want a Model S even more? Do you have experience with electric vehicles? Comment down bellow.

All this leads me to believe that the Model S is a PERFECT CAR. Prove me wrong.

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