Tesla Model S Driving on Highway While the Driver is Sleeping on the Back Seat

24w ago


A video of Tesla driver sleeping while 'driving' has gone viral again on Twitter but this time it's on another level. Not just that the driver is sleeping, but he is doing that over the entire rear bench of the seats. Yes, there is no one behind the wheel! Awake or otherwise.

In the video, the camera pans left and right showing that no one is in the driver seat at all, a person sleeping across the rear seats and empty two-lane road. A speed of 115 is displayed on the dashboard but it's unknown if that is in kilometers or miles per hour. I'd bet it's kph.

As I mentioned, this is not the first of such videos where the car is driving itself while the driver is sleeping, and even Tesla company is urging their customers to remain in control of the vehicle while using the Autopilot.

The system required drivers to keep both hands on the steering wheel while in Autopilot, otherwise it will slow the vehicle down, turn on the hazard lights and stop.

Maybe the drink holder attached to the steering wheel in the video is fooling the system enough not to go into panic mode.

Tesla hasn't made any comments about the video yet.

Would you ever give control to Autopilot and go to sleep? Comment bellow👇

Written by: Styp P

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