Tesla model S was chased for 7 miles while driver was asleep

But if he didn't have autopilot on it could have been much worse

Early at 3:30 am on Friday morning the California Highway Police stopped a grey Tesla Model S and arrested the driver for being asleep behind the wheel of the car. Alexander Samek, who was the driver, seemed to be unresponsive when the police chased the vehicle for breaking the speed limit at 70 mph.

Eventually one of the other police cars had to get in front of the Model S and slowly making the car come to a halt. Once they managed to wake up Samek they took him to a nearby gas station where they did a sobriety test and was arrested for suspected DUI.

Usually the Model S gives off warnings after not having your hands on the wheel for 30 seconds. If the driver still is asleep the car will pullover to a safe spot. The main expected reason that this didn't happen because Samek was sleeping on the wheel.

Also, earlier this year Tesla announced their autopilot assistance had reached over 1 billion miles.

It could have been worse

I am pretty sure most of you are laughing at this but think about it quickly. If he had been in another car without such assistance here could have been a much more nastier accident that could have happened.

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Comments (11)

  • That's when you move into the passenger seat and claim the car is holding you against your will. But in all seriousness, I wonder how Mr. Musk reacted when he heard about this.

      2 years ago
    • He wasn’t pleased. Those cars are supposed to safely pull to the side of the road after not receiving input from the driver after just a couple minutes. I’m guessing that the driver fell asleep with one hand resting on the wheel.

        2 years ago
    • Aye, but the key phrase in that is "supposed to".

        2 years ago
  • I wonder where he would have ended up if the Police never stopped him Lol😂😂

      2 years ago
  • He wasn't even driving....

      2 years ago
  • "Comfort car" wrongly interpreted

      2 years ago
  • I wonder if we’ll eventually see a law for a police override, some sort of coded radio signal or something that allows the police to trigger such cars to pull over. It won’t matter once the machine overlords enslave us all, of course.

      2 years ago