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Tesla Model X

Why Not to Buy! :( (American Edition)

1y ago


It can go as fast as my Volvo(130Mph) despite weighing a quarter of a ton more(2.5 tons) "Impressive" It also costs over 20,000 more(81K). It can do 0-60 Nearly a second slower than the Volvo(6s). I'm comparing to a VOLVO and the Fins are winning!!!!

Money has Left the Wallet

It costs 80 to 90 grand, 20 more than most other "SUV"s of it's type. It could cost you over 35K to repair. Cost over 1.5K to lease. The insurance could be over $3,000 . Electricity could cost up to $35 a month plus the home charger which could be 1,100. Owning a Model X for a year could cost you over 75K Realistically.

Sensible Stuffs

Trunk is 12ftsq (I'm quite sure that's good, so ignore it). Could have 7 seats for 9K more. It has a big Nav screen. That's actually It, HA.

All Prices in USD and all measurments in Customary.

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