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Tesla Model X

Why Not to Buy! :( (British Edition)

1y ago

Speed and Power

It can go as fast as my Volvo(130Mph) despite weighing a quarter of a ton more(2.5 tons) "Impressive" It also costs over 20 Grand more(61K). It can do 0-60 Nearly a second slower than the Volvo(6s). I'm comparing to a VOLVO and the Fins are winning!!!!


It costs 60 to 70 grand, 20 more than most other "SUV"s of it's type. It could cost you over 25 grand to repair. Cost over 1.1 grand to lease. The insurance could be over 2,000 quid. Electricity could cost up to 25 quid a month plus the home charger which could be 800 pound. Owning a Model X for a year could cost you over 100 grand realistically.


Trunk is 12ftsq (I'm quite sure that's good, so ignore it). Could have 7 seats for 7,000 pounds more. It has a big Nav screen. That's actually It, HA.

All prices in Pound Sterling, measurments in Customary.

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Comments (2)

  • I’m not saying the Volvo isn’t a good car however, the extra $20,000 for the Tesla, is well worth it. It’s an SUV with a extremely low center of gravity and features the best technology available in a car. Not to mention, electricity is still far cheaper than gasoline. Especially, if you have solar equipped at your home.

      1 year ago
  • OK I am not liking this post because I is a bunch of bull crap. The Tesla Model X goes as fast as your Volvo only because it's ELECTRIC! Electric engines such s EVERY OTHER TESLA have a top speed of 150 and less! If they went any faster, it would run out of battery, or possibly explode the battery with a 270MPH top speed electric car! Other stuff was not accurate because Jeremy Clark son reviewed it and said the complete opposite of everything you just put in his post.

      1 year ago