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Tesla Model X's have bits of the roof flying off

Another testament to Tesla's terrible quality control...

1y ago

It's no secret that the Tesla Model X SUV is the least reliable vehicle in the automaker's lineup. From water leaks to total suspension failure, the internet has no shortage of the horror stories that take the form of ownerships of this electric SUV.

Add one more item to the list: pieces of the roof are flying off when in motion.

The most recent incident comes by way of the Tesla Owners Worldwide Facebook group earlier this month. The owner came noticed that a piece of glass trim in between the falcon doors was missing, which is the common denominator for these episodes. However, the Tesla Service Center said that was β€œnormal wear and tear,” as you can see in the screenshot below. The owner was understandably vexed when he was charged over $2,000 for a new rubber seal.

These are far from isolated incidents. Facebook and Reddit are ripe with owners pouring out their frustration of their $80K+ vehicles having bits flying off. However, there is an aspect of danger of anything flying out or off of any car, since they could hit any vehicle behind them. Thankfully, at the time that this article was written, there were no reports of any injuries of such resulting from these incidents.

Most of the stories involved the trim sandwiched in between the two falcon doors; at least one particular incident concerned a roof panel situated between the windshield and the doors. In all but a few cases, the owners were being asked to pay out of pocket for repair costs.

One of the earliest known episodes dates back to June 2019, where a Reddit user says he heard something fly by his car, but that was it until the next morning when he noticed the glass between the rear doors was missing.

(Source: InsideEVs)

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  • That's not ok. No excuse.

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