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Tesla Model Y Roof Flies Off 2 Hours After Receiving New Car!!

Owner Says 'Embarrassingly Bad' Quality........

42w ago

We have come across flying objects on roads and highways.Either they come off from a running vehicle or in a collision.One recent Tesla customer had an unbelievable experience after taking delivery of their brand new Tesla Model Y when the panoramic glass roof flew off.

Nathaniel had accompanied his parents to pick their brand-new Tesla Model Y from a dealership in Dublin,California.They did notice some minor spacing issues in the vehicle which are well known with new Tesla cars.But they certainly didn’t expect any problem with the crossover’s Panoramic Glass Roof on the same day after taking delivery of their new vehicle from the dealership.The couple’s son,Nathaniel posted the experience on Twitter calling out Tesla’s quality control ‘embarrassingly bad’.

He first thought a window was open,as they ‘started to hear a ton of wind,’but within minutes, the entire glass top of the roof just flew off in the wind,he added.After a brief panic moment on the interstate highway,they turned around to return the vehicle back to the dealership.The two-second video of the Tesla uploaded on Twitter shows how the large glass roof opening is when the panoramic glass is no longer in place.

Luckily,no one was injured by the flying glass roof panel as Nathaniel’s family notified the California Highway Patrol about the incident and let them know about the potential hazard on the interstate.

According to the dealership,the roof of the Model Y was either faulty or the factory forgot to seal the roof on.They even offered to service the Model Y for free and give Nathaniel’s family a rental vehicle until then.The family however declined the offer.I guess they did the right thing😂😂😂

Is this a bad sign for Model Y,Tesla and Musk??Lemme know in the comments!

That's all for now.Ciao!!

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Comments (42)

  • Haha stupid people deserve it for buying a tesla

      9 months ago
  • Tesla is bad.

      9 months ago
  • I like Tesla but I HATE their 'quality control'. They should spend more time bringing new products to the market. This is bad business.

      9 months ago
  • I love this, bc i dislike tesla v much

      9 months ago
  • Tesla are very inconsistent, they can have a run of well built cars, and suddenly this happens. It’s like one day every month or so they give work experience to Britsh Leyland or something

      9 months ago