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Tesla Model Y roof flies off a few minutes after delivery

Another quality issue?

49w ago

Built quality is a recurring issue on Teslas. Hazardous body alignment and poorly built interior are by far the most common concerns. But sometimes it can be more serious and can endanger the safety of the owners.

This is the case with a badly fixed steering wheel, a wheel that is ready to fall off or, more recently, a part of the roof that has flown off on a Model X. Since then, one would think that these quality problems have been corrected on new models. This is far from being the case as one happy owner of a Model Y saw the panoramic roof of his SUV fly away in its entirety!

A father and son picked up their new vehicle before returning home. On the highway, both occupants heard loud wind noises before the huge glass surface above their heads took off suddenly. Naturally, they returned to the dealership to ask for an explanation.

According to the dealership manager, it is possible that the seals connecting the roof to the pillars were faulty. The other option would be simpler, but much more frightening: they simply forgot to add seals between the roof and the bodywork of the car.

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Comments (46)

  • It's commonly known that Teslas have a really bad built quality but this is unbelievable! Tesla should be sued for putting other road users in such danger. Unfortunately stories like that don't stop people from buying those cars, which I can't comprehend.

      11 months ago
    • Do you really think every carmaker should be sued for every issue?

      Which is your favorite so I can find all the utube videos about its faults?

        11 months ago
    • I don't think every car maker should be sued for every issue. But I'd love to see Tesla being sued because I absolutely hate them. I would definetly sue them if I found a good enough personal reason to do that. And I don't think I'm the only one who...

      Read more
        11 months ago
  • They actually ordered the Tesla Roadster. This is acceptable.

      11 months ago
  • I'm honestly not surprised at this point with Tesla...

      11 months ago
  • I wrote about pieces of the roof flying off of Model Xs ( drivetribe.com/p/tesla-model-xs-have-bits-of-the-Acd-OwMaRsSlAVEhSXyF_w?iid=LCtft6MMT5CAjLAMWXtoCQ ), but this is a whole new level!

      11 months ago
  • Is this also from Florida??

      11 months ago