Tesla Owners Make Up Majority of Porsche Taycan Orders

1w ago


Demand for Porsche's first electric car, the all-new Taycan, has far exceeded Porsche's initial production run of only 20,000 units. Porsche's first electric car is causing quite a stir and rumors abound that the production run will double from 20,000 to 40,000 Taycans, that's a serious problem for Tesla.

Up until now, if you wanted to own the best luxury EV Tesla was the best and only option. Although Tesla's first-mover advantage gave them a huge opportunity to cease a majority of the market, other automakers are catching up fast. Porsche is particular seems poised to dethrone Tesla as the copy of choice for luxury performance EVs.

In a recent interview with Autogazette.de and posted on Porsche's Website, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume had this to say about Taycan production, " In light of the extraordinarily high level of demand, we will increase our production capacities." Blume even said that customers who may experience a waiting list will be offered a plug-in version of other Porsche's to use while they wait. Checkmate Elon.

Porsche states the Taycan will come in two trims separated by battery size and performance. The base model will have around 310 miles of electric range and the ability to sprint from 0-62 MPH in only 3.5 seconds. Here's to hoping there's a GT3 version or a "Turbo".

According to Blume, more than 50% of the Taycan's current applicants have never owned a Porsche opening up the brand to a new customer base. The most interesting part is that most of the applicants drive Tesla's currently which is very bad news for Tesla's brand loyalty.