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Tesla pick-up truck reveal announced

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In the past Elon Musk has said many things about the Tesla pick up truck. This does include it being better than a Ford F150 and be a better sports car than the Porsche 911. He also commented on the price being lesser than $50,000. A few days after we some of the same things and then nothing. Until now.

Elon Musk took to twitter that the "Cybertruck" will be unveiled on November 21 in LA next to the SpaceX rocket factory. Why call it Cybertruck? it sounds something skynet would make and send into the past.

This would be the big reveal after the Mustang inspired SUV, due on the 17th. Well I am very curious to see both the big cars.

To my surprise Youtuber Simone Giertz asked a question:

We all know Truckla, if you don't, it is Simone's Model 3 converted into a pickup truck. The entire build was very impressive in every way and form. Elon Musk actually replied to this, I reckon he does want to see if Truckla is as impressive a build as the "cybertruck".

I don't really think there should be a big deal of this, because Ford is making a F150 electric version, so is GM making a electric pickup and then there is Rivian - who is a specialist developer of electric pickups and SUVs that Ford is heavily invested in and seems more promising and something I will go for instead of a Tesla.

All I can say now - Truckla will be better than Cybertruck, it just seems better than it.

What do you think of the Cybertruck?

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  • I'm going to make a complete carbon fibre remake of the Cybertruck, and call it...

    The Fibretruck

    *Riotous laughing*

    6 days ago
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  • “ All I can say now - Truckla will be better than Cybertruck, it just seems better than it.”

    Better than it? Did you really just compare a home made conversion to a product that doesn’t even exist yet... something that nobody knows anything about?

    5 days ago
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