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Tesla Plans To Manufacture A $25,000 Vehicle Within 3 Years

Tesla's battery day revealed many progressive changes that will lead to an affordable vehicle by late 2023. Perhaps, even a new featured Model.

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The Master Plan

Tesla the company that's known worldwide as the leader in electric vehicle manufacturing has some progressive changes to be conceived. They have an ambitious plan to move towards 100% in-house battery manufacturing. This will take several years, as they're currently working with Panasonic. Also, they plan to improve on the design of their batteries. First of all, they're working to remove the use of cobalt in their batteries. This will help lower the manufacturing cost and create a battery that could last upwards of a million-miles. Cobalt mining is known to be dangerous and features medieval working conditions. Naturally, Tesla doesn't want to be associated with it. In further news, Tesla wants to rework the design of their battery cells with a tabless 4860 design. The new 4860 cell could cut the manufacturing cost in halve per kWh. The cells are measured 46mm by 80mm, thus creating the 4680 tabless battery cell. Tabless, refers to the removal of the foil-to-tab weld in the battery cell. This in return, will allow the electrical current to travel a shorter distance. Currently speaking, well in 2019, it costed Tesla $156 per kWh; the new design may cost as little as $70 per kWh. In further reaction, this will give Tesla vehicles an increased range by roughly 16%.

Some Photos That Highlight All Their Plans (Both Photos Credited To Tesla)

The $25,000 Tesla

All of this good news translates to more affordable sticker prices. Here in a few years both the working class and lower middle class may find themselves driving a new Tesla. Currently speaking, these two classes find themselves buying new cars from the compact market, Civics, Corollas, Golfs, ect. Tesla would be able to compete in this class for the first time. With AC induction chances are it'll be quicker and nicer to drive than these cars due to the instant torque and lower center of gravity. With zero emissions they would be highly attractive. I'm assuming Tesla would create a brand new model to compete in this competitive market. Perhaps they'll call it the Model 2 and offer a Standard, Long Range and Performance version like their current models. Either way you look at, the future favors the progressive and Tesla always finds a way to improve on their own designs.

Do You Think A Compact Tesla Would Be Competitive? Thank You For Reading.

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  • I think they will be able to do it, but more like $30K by the time it actually comes out.

      26 days ago
  • The quality is bad enough on their expensive cars can't imagine how bad it'll be on the cheaper version

      26 days ago
    • Try not to buy into consumer reports, the same car has highest customer satisfaction. Just doesn’t smell right.

        26 days ago


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