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Tesla releases new "Plaid Mode" tee-shirt

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Following Tesla's recent and controversial trip to the Nürburgring where Tesla showcased their new "Plaid Mode" prototype for the Model S, they have just released a new tee-shirt that resembles hyperspace in Star Wars. They are saying that to celebrate "Tesla's incredible performance mode," that "it's the next best thing to riding shotgun at the Nürburgring." I personally think that this is an awesome idea, I think that it will generate even more hype than there already is for the new Tesla prototype. And I for sure, am considering buying one for myself.

While I'm talking about the whole Nürburgring thing that happened between Tesla and Porsche, I thought that I would drop in my own opinions about the whole rivalry. I love both companies and think that they both make amazing cars, but they are really different from each other. I feel that it is almost like comparing the Tesla Roadster (sorry for the repetition) and the Bugatti Chiron, taking out the fact that one is Electric-powered and one Gas-powered. Porsche is a long-living track professional that has been around for almost a century, Tesla is a recent startup with almost no prior track experience. The Taycan was built to be a more track focused, four-door machine, Almost like the AMG GT 4-door Coupe from Mercedes-Benz. The Model S is a regular daily driver that has amazing acceleration. I just don't think that the whole rivalry is currently relevant to this situation quite yet. And one more thing, once Tesla actually starts producing their "Plaid Mode" variants of the Model S, I would actually start to consider this Nürburgring rivalry to be relevant.

Thanks for taking the time to read through my first-ever article! If you would like to see more EV content in the future, just say so down below. If not, tell me, I want to know what people want to read about so that we all can have fun discussions together in the future!

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  • They've gone to plaid!

    12 days ago
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  • Nice article, pretty good for a first one! You could experiment with writing articles on different things (variety is always good), but my advice is to just write about stuff you're interested in (as you have here). You'll enjoy researching and writing articles about stuff more if you enjoy the topic. Hope this helps 👍

    13 days ago
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