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Tesla Roadster to begin Nürburgring testing next year

Nothing more than a tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk has confirmed that the "2020" Roadster will begin testing on the Nürburgring Nordschleife in 2021

39w ago

It's no secret that Tesla has been pretty quiet about the "2020" Roadster since its unveiling nearly three years ago. And despite the occasional tweet regarding a "SpaceX Rocket Pack," not much has been said about the new Roadster's performance since November of 2017.

Surprisingly, though, it seems that the many delays cause by Model Y and Cybertruck development have not completely shuttered Roadster development. As a tweet from Elon Musk has promised that a prototype of the new tri-motor Roadster will be taken to the Nürburgring by 2021.

It's hard to say what challenges the new Roadster will face, but with a 200 kWh battery pack (twice the size and weight of a Model S pack) this will by no means be a light car. And I'm confident that both cooling and body control will be significant hurdles for Tesla to overcome.

And although Nürburgring testing isn't exactly Tesla's strong point, the California automaker has been making strides there, with earlier tests of a tri-motor Model S, dubbed the "Plaid Model S."


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Comments (44)

  • I thought sending cars around the ring only made them worse?

      8 months ago
  • Jeez well if all else fails it cud be one of the coolest looking new cars released for a good while yet😍

      8 months ago
  • "...twice the size and weight of a Model S pack." A Model S battery pack weighs 1200 lbs. - twice that is over a ton of batteries. I'm as interested in the 'next stage in transportation evolution' as the next person, but damn! The battery in the Roadster will weigh more than my entire 1971 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce? That's a LOT of batteries! I must remain 'unconvinced' that our future battery powered future overlords really know what they are doing.

      8 months ago
  • I reckon they have to take about 100 Tesla’s there to test as they run out of charge really quickly so will have to keep switching them.

    It doesn’t make for a good testing regime if they keep changing cars.

      8 months ago
    • The new Roadster has 1,000 km (620 miles) of range. My guess is they will take no more than two cars with them.

        8 months ago
    • Everyone knows that the 620 miles is based on lots of low speed driving however the Nurburgring is a demanding high speed track so it’ll never do 620 miles, I would suggest it’ll do about 100-150 miles max before the battery is depleted. A...

      Read more
        8 months ago
  • Boooooooo!

      9 months ago