Tesla Smart Summon : Owners take to Social Media

In the V10.0 Software update for Tesla's fleet of cars, the most prominent feature was 'Smart Summon'.

Without further ado, here's how the company showcased it's all new feature.

The Smart Summon feature was much awaited but is operational only on Tesla's cars which are equipped with "Enhanced Autopilot" or "Full Self-Driving Capability". An owner can summon his/her Tesla upon being approximately 60 metres near the car. One can do so by using either of the two modes on the Tesla smartphone app, 'Come to me' or 'Come to Target'.

'Come to me' summons the car towards wherever the owner is located. The latter is a mode which can be used to summon the car to a particular location. Tesla has highlighted that the owner needs to have clear vision of the car and is also responsible for the car during the use of this feature.

So where does the feature fall short? Mainly, the car has a difficult time differentiating between tarmac and grass. Something one might have thought Tesla would be careful enough to make sure not to happen. Getting a lot of open world Beta test vibes.

@KillingMyCareer has posted two videos which show that this flaw is quite evident during the use of the Smart Summon feature.

Of-course rolling over grass is not the only issue. Other owners have posted a couple of clips right before a small collision with other vehicles. Here's another article on DriveTribe which showcases more on the same and also a pretty funny glitch where the car stops because of a shadow.

The feature doesn't seem to be all that bad though. Here's a video of @jetkohli who used the Smart Summon feature and it worked pretty flawlessly by exiting his garage and going out of the compound. Pretty impressive.

Software updates for Tesla's cars have caused problems in certain instances in the past. The company goes on to rectify it thereafter. Probably they will do the same this time out too.

In case you missed it, here's everything you need to know about the v10.0 software update :


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Comments (3)

  • Brilliant concept by Tesla. I imagine in the near future, the range of Smart Summon will increase. Tesla has fantastic habit of making technology better, even though it’s already on top of food chain.

      1 year ago
    • Maybe now that Porsche's entered the scene with the Taycan, we could hope for some serious competition.

        1 year ago
    • Porsche gots a lot work to do especially, on the technological side of things. Competition is healthy, as long as it’s friendly.

        1 year ago