Tesla told to cease-and-desist by NHTSA due to inaccurate safety claims

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Tesla is in some hot water after exaggerating information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. According to a blog post from "The Tesla Team", the Model 3 claimed to have the "lowest probability of injury of all cars the safety agency has ever tested." NHTSA said that this claim is not in line with their advertising guidelines and has asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate whether or not this claim was intentionally exaggerated.

NHTSA has also subpoenaed Tesla in regards to a crash that occurred this past March. The crash occurred while a Model 3 was in Autopilot mode. Former Senior Enforcement Attorney Allan Kam said that the subpoena is only a means of getting a faster and more serious response from the automaker.

This isn't Tesla's first run in with NHTSA

Tesla is no stranger to exaggerated claims, especially in regards to their vehicle's safety standards. In 2013, Tesla claimed that the Model S achieved a crash test rating of 5.4 stars, NHTSA was quick to point out that they do not rate vehicles beyond 5 stars.

How will Tesla Respond?

Tesla will do what Tesla does best, make this issue go away before it does any damage to their brand image. They will likely release information regarding the upcoming Semi or the Roadster in an attempt to divert the attention of the journalists.

Tesla could also have an over-the-air update be sent out that updates issues within the Autopilot system. Tesla has been able to change the braking distance on their vehicles via over-the-air updates to make them stop in a shorter distance, so to think that a similar issue can be fixed by the same method, isn't entirely out of the question.

The Takeaway

Tesla is still the new kid on the block, so they're doing whatever they can to keep the attention focused on them. While it doesn't surprise me that everything isn't all "falcon doors and rocket boosters" with Tesla, their reaction to this situation will be the crucial to maintaining a decent relationship with the companies in charge of giving them something to brag about.

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