Tesla v10.0 Software Update

We still find it hard to comprehend that these cars actually get updates which improves it as a whole every time.

Tesla' newest and supposedly one of the biggest updates till date, the v10.0 over-the-air update. Here's the company's v10.0 software update video which we found quite creative :


Choose from two spontaneous navigation choice in the new software, "I'm feeling Lucky" or "I'm feeling Hungry", and the car will take them to a nearby destination or restaurant. Probably a feature that screams tesla as it gives the car the autonomy to decide where to go since you suddenly like to live dangerously. The company says during tests the car took them to hole-in-the-wall restaurants, gourmet meals, national parks, city landmarks and more.

While one might think that the car might choose the location based off of ratings on the internet or probable endorsements, we don't know the exact way by which the car chooses the specific restaurant or destination but we believe it could be a spot where their 'Destination Chargers' are located. Even if it isn't, it wouldn't be a bad idea for the car to work like that as it'll encourage businesses to install Tesla chargers with the belief of more customers coming their way. Win-Win.


By far the most actively showcased around the world right now all over social media, the 'Smart Summon' update is a prominent feature in v10.0 which allows the owner to essentially call the car towards him/her. Correction, it is summoned. Basically, the feature which let some of the premium cars in the market to get out of it's parking spot, kicked up a notch by giving the car more autonomy. Brave, but some view Smart Summon from a position of an open world Beta test because of a couple of errors and more.

With two modes by which you can summon the car from the Tesla smartphone app and a couple of real life first hand pros and cons covered, here's an article where you can learn all about this feature :


Tesla's fleet comes with 'Theater' which enables the access to the owner's Netflix, Hulu, Hulu+ and Youtube accounts. Tesla owners in China get access to streaming platforms widely used in their country such as iQiyi and Tencent Video. Owners also get a library of tutorial videos which cover the functionality and more of their car.

Now Tesla owners can binge watch their favorite shows while autopilot is activated. [We don't advice it but we know most owners are going to do it anyway]


A new popular game enters the arcade. Here's what the company had to say about it :

"Cuphead, Studio MDHR's popular run-and-gun action game, is now available in the Tesla Arcade. Traverse strange worlds, acquire new weapons, learn super moves, and discover hidden secrets while you try to pay your debt back to the devil. Using a USB controller, single-player and co-op modes are available to play in the Tesla Edition of Cuphead, which includes the game’s full first level as you play as Cuphead or Mugman."

Android users can give the mobile version a test run on their devices.


Tesla owners in China get access to Ximalaya, a service for audiobooks and podcasts in the country. Owners from the rest of the world can now access their Premium Spotify account in their cars.


Or Car-aoke as Tesla likes to call it, is a feature that allows users to sing in the car with the lyrics showing up on the massive screen on the center of the dash from a range of options from it's music library. Quite upfront as the name suggests. The company also stated that it supports multiple languages.

Probably a dream come true for all the in-car singers around the world.


Minor updates like media browser access for the basic variants of the Tesla Model 3 also making it possible for owners of these cars to enjoy the music & podcasts update in v10.0. A special 'Joe Mode' which helps in keeping the volume down during certain alerts are among other tiny tweaks for the cars.

The Tesla app gets an update too that allows owners the convenience of remotely controllable features such as opening and closing the garage door via HomeLink as well as defrosting the car’s cabin at the maximum temperature. Model X and Model 3 owners can now remotely control their windows as well.


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  • I think their time would be better spent on improving the quality of fit and finish. The panel gaps are laughable, very reminiscent of some of BL’s finest.

      1 year ago
  • Tesla does a wonderful job at improving their vehicles. The company knows what the technological revolution, is all about.

      1 year ago