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Tesla Week: What`s to come soon?

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Today the Tesla car Manufacturer has proven itself to be quite innovative in terms of technology and research introducing a glorified model of cruise control combined with lane assist control (Autopilot) but today we are not here to discuss the controversia filled autopilot but rather a important update that will come to the cars of Tesla in the fourth trimester although at the moment the price of the update is unknown, the real question is... what`s it about?

┬┐Hardware updates?


Elon Musk has confirmed that the next upcoming Hardware update called "Hardware 2" would arrive the third trimester, altough the quality of the vehicles leaves too much to be desired Tesla has shown care for their customers in the past trying to lenghten the life of their cars as much as possible, the company is also going for unconventional formulas in order to add software characteristics that would allow older models of the cars to have the majority of novelties of the actual cars among them the new chips that govern the newer Model S,X & 3 known as "Hardware 3" or FSD (full self driving)

Thats`s why Elon musk announced that by the end of this year he will give the choice to the users of older EV Tesla automobiles to update the governing chip of their car for the newer one, something along the lines of a voluntary recall for the thousands of model S,X that don`t include these new software specifications and will allow them the cars to be up to date, it is also unknown how much it will cost to replace the chip with the newer one to the third version with FSD (full self driving capabilities) however as he commented back in the past this should be a free update for those who bought the full automated driving option a software package that costs well over 6.000$. A pretty expensive option to say the least.

Now Tesla's ability to face a massive update of this level will have to be taken to the test, and it is also yet to be seen if many of the users who didn`t pay in their day for the expensive auto driving package will be willing to update their car to the third version of the hardware with FSD.

And finally.. a facelift? no... keep dreaming.


The renovation of the Tesla Model S and Model X is something that many people have been waiting for quite a bit of time. With the arrival of the Tesla Model 3 the rest of the range has been outdated in many ways, especially with regard to its interiors and in some parts of the equipment Including motors and other features older models didn`t have on their time.

Everyone assumed that the renewals of these two models would come in the upcoming months, through a restyling, as is typical of the automotive industry to do so every 2-3 years however, Elon Musk has confirmed through Twitter that his other two electric models will not receive a restyling nor they are they working on it. However what will come to the Tesla Model S and X will be slight changes, such as fitting the electric motors of the Tesla Model 3 recently produced, Elon also made clear that the interior will remain the same without any kind of redesign or any extra feature.

In spite of this, the restyling that the S & X model suffered back in 2016 did not attract much attention, only the black grilles were removed and the headlights of the cars were slightly updated, maybe Elon doesn`t refer to the minor changes but rather internal changes applied to the cars then... what happens then with the spy images of a tesla Model S with camo back then? I can say that maybe they were trying to distract the media or just trying new internal improvements and preferred to be "subtle" when they were testing out new cars on the street. but so far the rumours for the interior updates have been dismantled, for now we have to wait until september until Elon Musk speaks further about the future of the two main star models of the manufacturer.