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Tesla will Take on Uber with Self-Driving Ride-Sharing RoboTaxis

Send your car to go and earn you some money

2y ago

During Tesla's Autonomy Day presentation held for investors, Tesla announced the plans to launch the first autonomous ride-sharing network in 2020.

Think Uber, but with no one driving. With significant advancements in the autonomy field so far, Elon is confident that by the next year, Tesla cars will be fully capable of driving around without any human intervention.

From there, Tesla will be working with regulators to have such system approved as soon as possible because what Elon has is store is quite revolutionary!

RoboTaxi Service

After the approval, Tesla will enable you to add your car, over the app, to a network of self-driving, ride-sharing taxis. Yes, you read that correctly! It's is a holy grail of futuristic mobility -coming soon!

Most of the times our cars are sitting parked somewhere, doing nothing other than depreciating. That would change if you let your car do some work - like pick up other people and drive them around. Like a taxi, a Robotaxi.

And when you need to go somewhere but your car is away, hail another Tesla nearby and it will pick you up. It is a crowd-based ride-sharing network and anyone with the latest Tesla can join.

Tesla was preparing a long time for this

Every new Tesla model comes equipped with all the FSD (Full Self Driving) hardware necessary for full autonomy, which will simply be unlocked once the software update arrives.

By that time, Elon estimates that there will be over one million cars ready to be integrated into the ride-sharing network.

Credits: Tesla

Credits: Tesla

Once these cars are fully autonomous and part of the network, they will be estimated to be worth around $200,000. So don't sell your Model 3 just yet, as the price may go up considerably!

It is financially insane to buy anything else than a Tesla

Elon Musk

Since these cars are selling for just a quarter of that, Musk is urging buyers to think hard when buying a new car.

He also estimates that Model 3 could earn you around $30,000 gross over the year, and in the future, when the cars become more efficient, it will be even more than that!

You have to give it to the man; He is trying to change the world. But the question is...

Is 30 grand enough to let anyone inside your car? Comment below 👇


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Comments (33)

  • I'm having a really hard time considering to share my car, while I'm still using it, but I'd totally call a robotaxi to come and pick me up. Thinking a bit further ahead, ​however, instead of selling a used Tesla, you could just integrate it into the fleet full time when you get a new car.

      2 years ago
    • Companies will be buying many of these and once the streets get saturated with them individuals will pull them off the streets because they rarely take any rides anymore.


        2 years ago
    • Interesting prediction

        2 years ago
  • Who is supposed to clean the vomited stuff?

      2 years ago
  • Self driving cars are not exactly the way to go for now. Too much can go wrong. You would need the AI to be so adaptive that it will be a very long process for it to think like a human and evem react like a human.

      2 years ago
    • The thing about AI - it learns really fast. And with one million teslas driving around, it would take a day to learn every weird thing humans are capable of doing on the road

        2 years ago
    • 20 years until we have level 5 autonomy. It is the last 5% that takes the time. Not to mention the question of liability when something goes wrong, ask Boeing.

        2 years ago
  • This seems very unrealistic to me. There cars are even crashing with drivers in them and know they would be totally safe with know one to take over the wheel.

      2 years ago
    • Drivers are the problem. Humans cause 96% of all car accidents

        2 years ago
  • Modern world - modern shit

      2 years ago