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Tesla's engineers made a big miscalculation with the Cybertruck

Is the new Tesla Cybertruck a little too fat?

1y ago

Tesla announces his Cybertruck as a revolution in the peaceful world of pick-ups. The Californian brand promises absolutely everything. The Cybertruck will have a higher pulling capacity than the Ford F-150 and a faster acceleration than the Porsche 911. Everything seems well underway. However, it could be that the Cybertruck has a major problem.

This is the discovery made by a Tesla enthusiast named Tesla Raj. In a video, the YouTuber uses a virtual reality application to view the Cybertruck in real size. He put the electric pickup truck in his garage and noticed that it was extremely tight. And for good reason, garages in the United States average 20x20 feet. Some can reach 24x24 feet but this is rarer.

The main problem with the Cybertruck is its long length. All Tesla models used to fit easily into garages because of their reasonable size. The Cybertruck has reached a new level with its 231.7 inches. It then becomes similar in size to a Ford F-150 SuperCrew which is the longest version of the F-150.

If the Cybertruck were to fit into a 20x20 feet garage, which is, as we recall, the average size of a garage in the United States, there would only be 8.1 inches of empty space left. A value that is far too low to store other elements that are traditionally stored in a garage. Many future Cybertruck owners will have to clean their garage...

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Comments (9)

  • Mate, with all due respect, I think the "main problem" with this truck's physical aspects is a bit more than just "it's too big"...

      1 year ago
  • Most pickup owners are not concerned about parking in a garage unless it is a real garage and not just a car shed.

      1 year ago
  • Since I unfortunately seem to live in pickuptruckland, most people with giant trucks just leave them in the driveway, pretty common.

      1 year ago