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Tesla's Enhanced Summon Feature Will Creep People Out

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Since 2017, Tesla cars had the Summon feature which would allow you to creep your car back or forward using your phone app. Good for taking your car in or out the tight parking spaces.

Now however, there is the enhanced version of the system, and it is freaking people out!

Autonomous summoning

Tesla is working hard on perfecting their autonomous driving capabilities. At a recent investors event, this feature was the main talking point and is a cornerstone for Tesla's Uber rivaling service of self-driving taxis. It is impressive!

Now though, some owners are getting a beta update of the new Enhanced Summon feature that is relying heavily on the latest autopilot development and here is where the fun with other people really starts.

Enhanced Summon allows you to hail your parked car to pick you up anywhere within 150 feet (45m) of your location. The vehicle will turn on, get out of the parking spot, and drive itself, with no one at the wheel, to pick you up. Or you can tell it to drive to a location on the map that you chose. Ladies and gentleman, the future is now!

There are many videos showing off the tech but none as impressive as the one below, where there is a bit of traffic involved as well. Notice the guy in oncoming Nissan SUV!

You have to give it to Tesla; they are doing some impressive stuff!

Use cases

You might think it's a gimmick, just something to play with and impress your friends, but imagine this - you get out of the store with the shopping bags full of Mjölnirs that you are barely able to lift off the ground. Instead of dragging the damn bags to the car, tell the car to wait for you at the door.

Or it has started raining, and your gal has just spent the last 2 hours getting her hair done all nice and wavy. It would be a shame if rain ruined all the effort, so summon your car and have a pleasant night out. Remember - happy wife, happy life.

It is raining Daniel! My hair... WHERE IS THAT UMBRELLA!?

Or you simply forgot where you parked. Like Dude, where's my car?

Or you are in some Amish-like developed village where there is no TV and nothing fun to do. Make your car drive around without anyone at the wheel, grab some granny-council's attention, and wait to see how long it will take before they call the priest. Quick Father, bring the holy water and a wooden stake!

Can you think of any more use cases?

What is your take on the Enhanced Summon feature?

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Written by: Styp P