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Tesla's first V3 Supercharging stations are now open to the public

1w ago


Tesla's highly anticipated V3 Superchargers are now open for public use. So far, there are only eight available and they are at the American company's Fremont factory in California. Eight may not sound like much but it's a start.

They were briefly tested beforehand but are now available to everyone with a Tesla who is in that area. The new V3 superchargers charge at a much higher rate than before. They support speeds up to 250kW. To put this in to perspective, everyone with a long range Model 3 will be able to charge their Tesla with 180 miles in just 15 minutes. That is insane speeds.

Model S owners will have it a little less with 130 miles in 15 minutes and Model X owners will get 115 miles in 15 minutes. Still not bad at all. That means a full charge will be complete in around half an hour. Charging it getting so much faster.

This is only the beginning but I'm sure that soon enough there will be loads dotted around America at least which will mean Tesla owners won't need to plan ahead so much before going on a trip. We will begin to see the globally during the course of this year.

Other companies such as VW are working on similar networks but we are yet to see how developed they are. I am sure they're not quite as developed as Tesla.

Tesla Owners: Is this going to save you a lot of hassle?