Tesla's New Battery May Last A Million Miles.

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The New Standard

Tesla has been hard at work to develop a new battery that'll both be longer lasting and more affordable. Currently Teslas equipped with their cobalt infused batteries have been know to last upwards of 500,000 miles. This is quite impressive considering they require minimum maintenance. Naturally, Tesla being the progressive company that they are felt obligated to improve on its own design. This new battery will feature little to no cobalt in the battery itself, this in return will create an affordable longer lasting battery lowering the prices of their vehicles. This potential could lead to their vehicles lasing one million-miles and cost the same as a compact internal combustion vehicle. This new design won't be limited to cars as they plan to implement this technology to the electrical grid system itself; competing with coal, nuclear and hydroelectric power providers.

The Potential

The automotive industry currently creates vehicles that'll last 200,000-300,000 miles. This depends on the design, how often the driver services the vehicle and the overall treatment of the car. The current benefit is that internal combustion vehicles are currently cheaper to manufacture and purchase. However, this new revolutionary battery will bust this bubble. Why would consumers purchase an internal combustion vehicle that requires expensive gasoline, regular servicing and technological limitations; when they could purchase an electric vehicle that'll last three times longer with minimum repairs and servicing? Teslas already feature one of kind technology, astonishing performance and competitive pricing. Now they may do the inconceivable compete in the compact car market. This is the bread and butter of most major car manufacturers, now Tesla can potentially conquer this market. Tesla will be able to provide superior performance, technology and reliability at same price range.

The Reaction

If Tesla successfully creates an affordable compact vehicle the entire automotive industry will have to abort their industrial ways. They'll have to develop their own affordable batteries or rely on Tesla to provide them. The Earth will in return be thankful however, those who don't adapt to the new standard will be left behind and forgotten. Many companies have already started to enter the electric market however, they're far behind Tesla when comes to technological achievements. The news of this new million-mile battery may have already sparked manufacturers to consider both possibilities and how to respond. However, Tesla hasn't fully released details on this battery just the plan and that it's in development and they may upscale their factories to create them.

The news of this new battery is exciting and could potentially change the entire industry. One thing is for sure, Tesla has already proved the industry wrong and demonstrated what an electric vehicle is capable of. Prior to Tesla, it was complete joke. How times change and how the "Fates love irony". -Elon Musk

What are your thoughts on this new million-mile battery? Will it change the industry and will it be successful? Feel free to comment below, thanks for reading.

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