Tesla's not perfect, but it isn't a terrible stain on the motoring world either

Tesla don't appear to be the most well-liked car brand on Earth, but why? Tesla are no worse than any other car company...

7w ago

Tesla produce high quality cars. Cars that the critics (for the most part) seem to can't get enough of. So, why does Tesla have such a poor reputation amongst some car enthusiasts? It's simple. Tesla make electric cars. That's it. Tesla were only founded in 2003 so are still very much the new kids on the block.

Tesla challenge the status quo car manufacturers. Tesla's innovation and quality cars have forced the likes of Audi, Jaguar, Porsche and anyone else to respond. Tesla are largely responsible for the shift in recent years to electric (or at least hybrid) cars. However, I think had Tesla never be founded, this still would've happen, just a few years later. The change towards electric cars has always been coming, so it's a tad wrong to direct all the blame towards Tesla.

Without Tesla, the world of cars right now wouldn't be as interesting. Perhaps something else would've come along to also challenge the status quo, who knows? But if Audi had taken Tesla's place and had become the mainstream electric car producer all those years ago, would people direct their rage and disappointment at Audi? No, or at least not in the same way. A large part of why Tesla gets so much flake, is because it has made the established car manufacturers sit up and take notes. Tesla has come and let's be honest, livened things up a bit.

Tesla have made the established car manufacturers; make their cars more efficient, make better infotainment systems, make their cars have a smoother ride. Frankly, the list goes on.

Cars enthusiasts may well vent and rage at any minor thing Tesla does, but normal people, the people who make up the overwhelming majority of car owners, really seem to like Tesla. I'm speaking anecdotally, but I've seen a huge surge in Tesla ownership over the last few years. If Tesla was so terrible, nobody would buy them and there would be a poor reputation that would be hard to remove. But reality couldn't be further from that.

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  • Less than 1% of the world would be considered car enthusiasts, the other 99% just want to get from A to B and the Tesla is a damn fine way to do it.

      1 month ago
  • Most of Tesla's image is the result of malign propaganda by the rest of the car industry. When you compare Tesla's actual faults and flaws, they are far from bad by comparison to any other car. Their worst issues from panel gaps are largely from early production models and were rectified free of charge (and rightly so). I'm not prepared to support them no matter what, but when you dive a bit deeper than the gutter press nonsense and lazy journalism, they are a pretty convincing product to buy into. I suppose you could compare them to Apple. They do everything everyone else does, just better, but for a premium price. At the moment they are simply the absolute best EV you can buy. Other manufacturers have tried to garnish their EVs with leather and LEDs and chrome switches and every piece of bling in their arsenal, but when all is said and done, the Tesla owner gets the best toys that work the best and last the longest. We are living through a transformation of the way we make our way around our nations and our planet. It's happening REALLY fast and for most of those alive today, this speed of transition is quite outside their experience. For example, my dear old Dad (now passed on) was born in 1908. He saw the two world wars and was in the Airforce in the second. He recalled seeing Zeppelins bombing London and being shot down by tiny bi-planes. Then the crossing of the Atlantic by air, air travel, Concorde, landing on the moon, from Babbage to Apple for computers, pre-Einstein to Quantum Mechanics, ocean liners to hovercraft to jumbo jets... all in one lifetime. He was born to a world of travel by horse power, gas lighting and steam trains. He saw the world transformed and yet it came as no surprise because so much just crept up on one and became a part of a better life. Today we are seeing more of the same, but as with all such matters we are already accelerating the speed of change. This is going to be a real helter skelter ride, things changing around us at a pace quite beyond expectations. A wonderful time to be alive and I wish I was young enough to watch it for longer than my life will allow me!

      1 month ago