Tesla's "Smart Summon" is not as smart as people were hoping it would be

Whenever Tesla releases additional self-driving tech, there's going to be some problems

1y ago

It seems that every week or so, I'm writing about Tesla doing some sort of "Tesla thing". This week's article about the hottest company in the industry involves their new "Smart Summon" feature. While some owners are finding this to be the single greatest thing in the world, others aren't so fortunate.

Before I get into the social media footage of Teslas doing Tesla things in public, it should be said that I think that this is awesome. As a person who still has an actual key to put in an ignition to start my car, I love this technology. I've loved Tesla's incredible attention to detail in regards to the minor inconveniences that come with car ownership, from the summon feature, to the whoopee cushion, I'm slowly starting to fall in love with these ridiculous vehicles.

And now the clips!

Some people are currently living in a world where their car can park itself several feet away from them in rainstorms instead of having to run through a parking lot, swearing most likely and trying to find their car. This unfortunate family had to run to their Tesla Model 3 because it chose the proper side of the road to park itself and wait for its owner to get in. Observe and envy them.

In this clip, a Model 3 is pulling out of its space just fine. Pulling out of an intersection didn't go so well though.

This poor owner had to walk to his Tesla because it encountered a pole, well...a pole's shadow.

And the last clip involves a man, a Hummer, and a very whiny Mustang.

The Takeaway

Tesla obviously still has a few bugs to iron out, but this is yet another feature that is an incredible addition to Tesla's great list of features, and if it's anything like this video, then the future is only going get cooler and cooler for us car lovers.

What do you think of Smart Summon? Is it the future? Or did you make a tinfoil hat while you read this? Comment Below!

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Comments (34)

  • Have we reached a point where humanity has become so lazy or obese that they cannot walk to a car on the same premise? The first family needs to toughen up, the Tesla did the right thing by following the parking lot’s directions and conduct.

    As for the second clip, pulling out in the intersection at the wrong time is lethal. This feature should not be legal unless perfected.

      1 year ago
    • For reals. Tech's is cool and all, but can't figure out why one would care to rely so much on the buffet of Tesla's tech features. What happened to walking to your car for a little exercise or for the enjoyment of it. Or driving your car instead of...

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        1 year ago
    • A bidet will basically wipe for you, so there you go

        1 year ago
  • I like a lot of the features that Tesla has like the summon. I do not like how they use the general public as test dummies for their R&D. It is reckless and dangerous to all of us. Musk treats his car owners like a video game creator treat their games, if their is a bug in the software itll get patched down the road. To me that's irresponsible and unbecoming of a successful car manufacturer

      1 year ago
  • Tesla chose to allow a car to move without a human driver in it - even though there is no AI capable of autonomous driving yet. Congratulations. I hope they don't run over anybody, but the fact is, they will.

      1 year ago
  • The feature is labelled as beta and explicitly says it should only be used in private car parks and driveways.

    People acting like idiots and using it in stupid ways is not on Tesla, it’s on them

      1 year ago
    • That's the thing about this stuff. Tesla makes these risky features and then just takes the blame away from them. "Here, take this useful feature and dont use it in public or here take this autopilot but pay attention to the road". Of course...

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        1 year ago
    • And all car manufacture make multi ton steel machines that travel at over 100 mph and sell them to people. Then they tell them not to drink and drive, are they responsible when people do?

      People need to learn to take personal responsibility...

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        1 year ago
  • I'm at the bathroom and i'm still waiting for my Tesla ro bring me toilet paper #ElonMusk.. since yesterday...

      1 year ago