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Teslas To Get Video Games, Because Why Not?

1w ago


Elon Musk is a lunatic. We're all thinking it, I've just decided to say it today. In yet another move which 10 years ago would've been deemed totally crazy, Musk has appeared at renowned video game conference E3 to announce video games are coming to his Teslas. Yes, you heard me right, full bonafide video games.

That's not all. Musk has also announced that the games will utilise the car's inherent hardware. This includes the throttle, brake and steering wheel. This feature on Teslas is set to launch with the title "Beach Buggy Racing 2" at some point in the near future (no release time frame was announced).

Video game studio Bethesda Softworks' executive producer, Todd Howard, joined Musk on stage at E3 to secondarily announce that the mobile edition of Bethesda's immensely popular Fallout game series, "Fallout Shelter", would be joining "Beach Buggy Racing 2" and previously announced title "Cuphead" as titles playable on a Tesla.

Tesla is making the games available in an over-the-air software update at some point over the next 12 months and has additionally claimed that users will be able to utilise either PS4 or Xbox controllers as hardware for a better gameplay experience if they do not wish to use the Tesla hardware or the touchscreen.

"I think video games are a powerful force for getting young kids interested in technology. It has a bigger effect than most people realise" Musk claimed at E3.

As per standard, Elon Musk this week has come totally left of field and gave the world a gift that no-one asked for and even less likely to care about. But it's another first that Elon can add to his notches on his belt. Good on you Elon, now s'cuse me while I go and try to play Project Cars in my BMW 5 series.