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3y ago


Since placing an order for a Porsche Cayman manual two months back, on the strength of the time we spent with a four cylinder Porsche Boxster, we have been waiting for our local Porsche Dealership to take delivery of its Cayman demonstrator.

The call to drive it came yesterday, so we booked 3 hours to do a shake down of this beautiful car, and see what options we could and couldn't live without before the factory needed our final spec. As this car purportedly harks back to the Porsche racers of the 1950's with its light construction, four pot engine, and 'sure footed' handling I chose a local B-road route that took me from Wolverhampton to Ludlow. The route through the Severn Valley over the Clee Hills to Ludlow and back is well known for its twisty sections, many parts narrow, and in the winter, the roads have differing grip levels, due to the sun never shining on some areas, leaving a frosty surprise around some bends.

I have driven many different cars down this road, and so for me this route bench marks where a car is on my all time favourite list. Getting to the point, the Porsche Cayman is spectacular in its ability to navigate corners, crowns and dips in the road at speed, and encourages any driver lucky enough to to find themselves behind the wheel to have some fun and explore just what is possible these days.

Driving this car is addictive, even in standard form without using the sport button, it's boxer engine packs a punch. The manual transmission makes the most of this engine's flexible power band, and is a joy to use, in a word 'slick'. Then there is the steering, I felt so connected, the feedback through the steering was amazing, the Cayman is almost telepathic when negotiating undulating curves, it takes what it is given , centres itself, then it is immediately ready for more speed.

It was a wonderful experience pointing the Porsche Cayman at the setting sun, and chase the sunset over the Clee Hills, our three hours in this gorgeous sports car were soon over. As we turned into the dealership I felt elation not tiredness and this is one car that definitely gives back the joy of motoring of yesteryear but with the added benefits of today's technology.

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