T​est Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown | Trailer Breakdown & First Thoughts

G​oing through and picking up information from the trailer. Is this really a TDU game?

10w ago

E​ver since I was watching the NACON Connect stream and the TDU SC trailer started playing I became a little concerned over what I was watching. Although some of the confirmed features such as Casinos, Nightclubs and Rooftops are quite cool and I can’t wait to hear more, i feel like some of the more prominent parts of Test Drive Unlimited such as owning houses, being able to go in dealerships and clothes stores haven’t been made clear yet.


T​he feature that worries me the most is houses, on the Test Drive Unlimited website it shows that the Solar Hotel is the main competition area and also where your player lives. With ‘the most luxurious suites being reserved for the most prestigious clients’. No signs have been given of being able to buy houses outside of the Solar Hotel or whether you’ll only be allowed to upgrade suites.

Although there will definitely be some kind of housing, it doesn’t sound like what we had in Test Drive Unlimited 2 and more like what we have in The Crew 2 which is disappointing to say the least.

H​ong Kong

I​ think Hong Kong is a very different place to star a racing game, which excites me. Although I felt like the map size is a bit underwhelming for a Test Drive game, Hong Kong island is just under 80km squared. Which is just bigger than Forza Horizon 4’s Northern Britain/ Southern Scotland map, meaning it will be smaller than Forza Horizon 5.

However in the trailer it shows a person in their Solar Hotel suite looking at the map and some of the roads in the main Hong Kong area across from the island look the same as the roads of the island. So could this mean that there is more than just the island? Will there be future updates including parts of main Hong Kong? We’ll have to see. Due to the size of the map it’s probably safe to say that they have put a lot of effort and detail into it.

S​omething else that could back up that TDU SC may not just be Hong Kong Island is the first picture that we see on the homepage of the website that shows a bridge, vertical from the Solar Hotel which could mean there could eventually be more than just the island, again we’ll have to see.

C​ars and Customisation

O​ne thing we did find out in the trailer was some more confirmed cars. New cars shown in the trailer are: BMW i8, Lamborghini Huracam Performante, Mercedes-AMG G63, Porsche Cayenne.

A​lthough customisation wasn’t a heavy part of TDU or TDU2 I hope there is still a little bit of customisation, as there was none particularly shown off in the trailer such as the chrome painted Range Rover SV.

S​harps Vs Streets

A​lthough I think having a fresh start is good, keeping to the same sort of roots the game is supposed to have I think is better. Personally I am mixed between this new concept but I hope it is something that I’ll come to like when it releases. All I’m hoping for is it has the same sort of championship concept that they said would be in Test Drive SC that was in Test Drive Unlimited 2.


Although I’m a bit disappointed/worried for other features. One thing is for sure, I’m glad that there is more of a gambling aspect. Something that made TDU2 was so great was being able to sit in the casino for hours on end on slot machines and roulette looking for that Spyker that sits outside in the VIP area.

Taking that to a whole new level is something I’m buzzing for. I hope there are proper Pink Slips like the trailers have implied. And hopefully there is a return to gambling machines and games too seeing as the game is trying to be more about socialising.

O​ther Missions and features

A​s the trailer and website have already said. The game will include other mission types as well as races, a lot like the side missions in TDU2 which I’m really happy for, such as convoys, (possibly like TDU2 ones?) transport missions which could be something like the Aston Martin transporting a Diamond in the trailer? As well as meetings, but we’ll have to see what that actually means.

A​nother feature I spotted was with the most luxurious of suites in the Solar Hotel there will be ‘Exclusive services’, again we’ll have to find out what those services will be.


I​’m talking about this last because i am worrying about this feature. Dealerships and being able to walk in the find your newest car was something I found so cool in Test Drive Unlimited 2. And nowhere in the trailer or the website has made it clear that it is returning. One other way it makes me worry is due to the map size and being able to fit multiple dealerships on this map.

Oahu and Ibiza had huge maps, Ibiza in real life is around 570km squared and Oahu is around 1,500. Although those maps were not a proper 1:1 representation, they were huge and meant they could have multiple dealerships and also 2 different variants of each which could have different cars in different dealerships. Due to the size of Hong Kong and the amount of cars that may be in it, I’m not sure where or how many dealerships there could possibly be unless they are in a small radius between each other.

I​s this really a Test Drive Unlimited game?

O​ne thing that has constantly come to me during the past few hours is the question, is this really a TDU game? To that I’d have to answer, I’m not sure. Although it has some key features that were in the previous Unlimited titles there are also new features that really take off in a different direction to what I’d think a TDU game would be. Although these features at the moment may cause me to ask myself questions I hope that in the future when we do hear more, it makes more sense for it to be a TDU game.

N​onetheless, I’m very excited to see this series return again after so long!

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