Testing the kawasaki zx-10r

4y ago

BikeThrottle rides the old 2012 model ZX-10R - images by Mojoffoto

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  • What impresses me most about this series of photos are the images of just a couple the fantastic roads found in Wales. There are hundreds of cracking places to ride over there. Miles and miles of uninterrupted bends, sweeps, hairpins, steep rises/descents and flat-out sections. And when you do stop for a rest, the scenery is awesome and there are usually plenty of other bikers about. I have also been told that the sheep are very approachable.

    All this is spoilt however, by the chances of running into the rather disturbing looking, leather-clad fellow pictured in the last shot. I can just hear the Deliverance banjos.........

      4 years ago