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Double the scale trouble

12w ago

Being able to scratch Siku's MAN TGA low loader and Leopard 2A5 combo off my wishlist at long last is certainly quite satisfying.

Both vehicles are in 1:87 scale. There's a lot of metal used in the construction (the low loader trailer's main parts are huge ZAMAC castings riveted together), which you can feel in your hand... or indeed in the dent it makes in your bank account.

The Leopard 2A5 comes with a commander poking his upper body out of his hatch, a welcome departure from how most die casts in this scale and price range are all buttoned up.

The real-world 2A5 is a compromise of sorts, being the upgrade path chosen in the 1990s after the collapse of the Soviet Union eliminated the threat of the hypothetical Future Soviet Tank-2 (at least in American parlance) and the resulting need for the 140mm gun being developed at the time. Future developments later resulted in a longer 120mm gun capable of higher pressures instead of a bigger gun, with a new 130mm gun now being intended for the Leopard 2's replacement. Amusingly enough, I've written about the Leopard 2A4 this evolved from, and the Leopard 2A6 and now 2A7 it's evolved into, but never the 2A5, except in passing as a donor for upgrades.

Anyway, on to the MAN TGA low loader itself. The swan-neck trailer detaches...

Revealing the detail at the rear of the cab. There's not a ton of it, since it will be overshadowed by the trailer and its load most of the time, but it isn't forgotten.

That said, I can't exactly remember what operators of the Leopard 2 use MAN TGAs to haul their tanks around. It does seem like Siku just used what they had on hand to. Regardless, it certainly looks fit for the job in olive drab.

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