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Mini GT's foray into the world of 1/64 behemoths is more than welcome

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The Mini GT Actros is not a new product, as the early release coupled to the car carrier trailer unit was immensely popular (and even though it was expensive, it was comparatively quite cheap). However, space and cost forbid the purchase back then. Neither of those could stop me from getting the tractor unit though.

If someone asked me to pick between those mega haulers and supercars, I would definitely pick the first. Hence this was a no brainer purchase, even though my wallet gently weeps (it is sobbing uncontrollably these days, after being quite happy during the early days of the pandemic).

To the pros, and they are obvious. You get exactly what you expect from Mini GT; excellent value. For the price you pay, you get a very detailed and accurate model of the current generation of Actros trucks, with the added bonus of steerable wheels. The difference it makes is amazing.

And it appears to be exactly on point with the scale too. This thing is ginormous.

Picture shown for comparison purposes only, Skyline with awful wheelswap not part of the package.

Picture shown for comparison purposes only, Skyline with awful wheelswap not part of the package.

The Actros hits all the right notes for most part. However, there are very tiny skirmishes here and there, such as the poorly attached photo-etched badge up front (exactly what I could have done if it was left for me to glue).

Don't pan me for this, but the steering angles for the two wheels are not equal, and there is a big difference between the right turn and left turn (hence the wheels always turned left in these photos), and the rear lights could have been that leeeeetle bit better executed, just saying.

Maybe all those problems will iron out once the production is ramped up, and none of those are genuine deal breakers as such.

Thank you for stopping by! Have a safe and sound weekend!

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