Thailand – New Rules - Bad News !

2y ago


Today the DLT (Department of Land Transport) have confirmed that new rules requiring a guide and guide vehicle will be in place before the end of the year!

Thailand recently introduced rules that requires both motorcycles and vehicles to apply for a permit in advance for entry in to the country.

The latest news confirmed that from the new year these rules will be tightened and those wanting to enter Thailand with their vehicles will require both a guide and guide vehicle.

These new rules will most likely discourage Overland travellers from visiting the whole of South East Asia due to the additional costs and extra requirements to pre apply for entry. Currently the overland routes via China and Myanmar also require guides.

If one had reached Malaysia and wanted to travel to Europe or vice versa overland they would be looking to pay for two guides whichever route they took, the only alternative at the moment is to ship to / from India or Russia.

No further information has been provided however we expect official updates on their website soon

Please also note to legally drive in Thailand you will require either:

1. Driving license issued by ASEAN member states (temporary driving license excluded) or

2. International driving permit under Convention on Road Traffic of 19 September 1949

If you wish to discuss or follow the developments on this please see the original post in our Overlanding Asia Group here or here

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