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4y ago

Whilst preparing material for this tribe I was fortunate to have the contribution of a few people.

The young lady featured in the photograph is Katie, she is currently studying at Havering College in Essex and eventually wants to join Ford in their Engineering Team. She provided her time free of charge and her story will appear here shortly.

All photographs were kindly taken and provided by Graham Barton. Further details from: 07727683194

I also spoke to female friends and family about their car knowledge. Their first hand knowledge ranged from not knowing how to check their oil levels to being able to replace windscreen wipers. Thank you.

I was able to show my sister how to check her oil level and tyre pressures. Two weeks later she excitedly exclaimed she was able to use "one of those tyre machines" and checked her own tyre pressures. You can do great things with a little bit of knowledge.

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