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This tribe, Velocitaters, is for you to find whatever you are interested in. Help other tribes grow or simply share what you like. Why is it a Hodgepodge of everything? Well, being a descendant of Hodge, I can personally tell you my ancestors invented the podge and we have been dieting ever since. For me though, I just eat up anything with an engine. I may not understand it, but I love it.

I just eat up anything with an engine.

Stephen Hodge

After two years working to go after my passion, I can finally say I am starting to see some results. I have had to make some sacrifices that many won't make. No, I am not talking about not going to a movie, or getting the next new toy (although I missed quite a bit of those already). I am talking about facing a personal challenge, something that has beaten you down time and again. Fear can be a powerful deterrent.

This is YOUR tribe, not mine


I have pushed through these fears when they have come and tried to better myself. I feel I am in a much happier place now. I just want to say it is alright to fail. Everyone fails at some point. The people that learn from their mistakes and move on are the ones that grow. I find helping others makes me grow the most, so that is my ultimate mission.

With that in mind, I ask you now --- What do you like and what do you want to see? Share it here.

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