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Well that escalated quickly. It's been hardly a year since I sat down for my first piece on Drivetribe. Being a headstrong Dutch guy I launched a little tribe called Godron's Garage, ignoring the D_trb team's sensible advice to pick a general and relatable topic, so it would be easy for people to find me. "Don't start a tribe under your own name", they said, because it will prove hard to compete with the established names, referring to a certain car trio that had earned some fame before they started this here website.

And here I am, with Godron's Garage breaking through the 100,000 members barrier somewhere last night, probably around the time I was discussing electric cars with James May. That's not me getting cocky, it's just my way of saying: what a brilliant place this has become, with James, Richard and Jeremy being so accessible to us all.

The past year has been one hell of a ride, with my trip to England as the glorious pinnacle. But maybe even more important: I've come to meet awesome car people from all over the world. As a petrolhead and now automotive writer and filmmaker, being on Drivetribe has opened a lot of doors.

For now I'd like to say a big thank you to all those who've tagged along for the ride so far. Feel free to drop in at Godron's Garage anytime and see the world through my windscreen.

Below are a few of my (and your) favourite posts from the past twelve months.

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