- The first ever photo competition winner

Thank You Gaming Tribe Members

You've been an awesome community with some truly excellent posts over the last few years. This however is going to be my final post here on Drivetribe

Thank You!

I can't thank you all enough for helping grow an amazing gaming community here on DriveTribe, over the years we have gained over 20 thousand members, had a combined 30 million views and over 157 thousand likes. You have posted some truly excellent, articles, quizzes, photos and videos over the years. I can't actually believe how long the tribe has been running now.

The photo competition

The photo competition has been a huge part of the tribe for over 3 years, during which time we have had some absolutely stunning entries and winners. I posted all 42 winning photos earlier in the week if you want to take a look. A huge thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to all of you who have won previously. Special thanks to Bob Simmons (10 wins), Austin Merten (5 wins), Antriv Singh (4 wins), Liam B (4 wins) and Kjell Ouwendijk (3 wins) for their consistently beautiful entries.

Psychedelic Ferrari - Bob Simmons

Psychedelic Ferrari - Bob Simmons

Chevy Blossoms - Austin Merten

Chevy Blossoms - Austin Merten

The Doge Racing Series

This began as the weekly DriveTribe community race a long time ago on Gran Turismo and Forza, it has since changed name several times before becoming the Doge Racing Series you know today on Forza Horizon 5 every Saturday night. Thank you everyone who has raced or watched the videos over the years this series has grown massively thanks to all of your support.

What's Next?

As you probably already know there is a DriveTribe community Discord server which many of you from this tribe and all over DriveTribe have already joined. If you haven't yet here is the link:

I will be continuing to run my own gaming community and host the Doge Racing Series, so if you are interested in racing or want to join our own little community I also have a Discord server full of like minded gamers that you may want to join:

I will also be continuing to post my videos over on my channel:

I would suggest if any of you are going to continue to post content anywhere or have any gaming communities of your own or that you are part of that you like fellow tribe members to know about then now is a good chance to post them in the comments.

All that is left to say is thank you (again) for being such an awesome community and I will really miss The Gaming Tribe and all of its fantastic members, but this is it, goodbye Gaming Tribe...

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Comments (7)

  • Was honestly crushed to hear that Drivetribe was shutting down, it's been a super cool social media platform for all reaches of the automotive community. I will really miss seeing the insightful posts, and awesome screenshots that the gaming tribe, and Drivetribe as a whole have produced. , I appreciate all the photo contests you put on since I've joined, they were loads of fun, and showcased some of the best photographs that automotive gaming could produce. To any of you out there that are ever interested in joining up with my folks in Forza, feel free to add me, I'm LesPaulObsessor on Xbox, we just started a new racing series, and was excited to try and bring Drivetribe folks in on it. I wish you all the best, and maybe we can exchange a wave on a virtual road one day.

      10 days ago
  • No, thank YOU! No, but I’ll miss the gaming tribe, thanks for all the memories!

      11 days ago
  • Thank you for all the fun videos, photo challenges & races on FH4 and now FH5, keep up the great work

      11 days ago
  • Thank you for all the great posts and the races it’s been a minute since the last time I ever did a race with you guys, first time using DRIVETRIBE in a while too but when this came up I felt I had to do something. Keep it up mate. 👍 btw I’m DJdrifter98.

      11 days ago
    • Cheers DJ, thanks for taking part in the races for so long especially back then when not many people joined, really helped build up the series. You’re always welcome to a spot if you ever want to race with us.

        11 days ago
    • Cheers mate, maybe I’ll make another appearance one day.

        11 days ago