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On an iPad, in the corner of a half-decent hotel room in Sydney, Australia, this tribe was born. Called “The Pure Approach”, it was dedicated to my love of purity and internal combustion. After a couple of name changes, it finally became the Speed Machines we now know it to be. But two years, 8000 members, 34,600 bumps, 562,217 words, and 12,600,000 views later, it’s time for me to move on.

To Ben Koenig: thank you for helping Speed Machines become what it is today. Back when this tribe had barely 100 members, you came along and managed to more than triple that figure in a week. That gave Speed Machines the vital exposure required for it to be noticed for Facebook promotions. Without you, it would never have had the opportunity to grow. And thank you for the promotions you gifted my articles with more recently.

To John Coleman: thank you for sticking with Speed Machines since the beginning and taking time to read my articles. It was forever appreciated.

To Natasha Cramer, Marcus Milligan, Rob Burnett, Tim Rodie, Mike Fernie, James King, & Lucy Brown: thanks for supporting my work with promotions, and thank you for not losing your mind upon seeing that I had posted yet another blog.

To Agus Garcia: thank you for contributing some excellent articles to Speed Machines, and thank you for promoting my work.

To Patricia Pedrosa: thank you for promoting my work, thanks for all the advice you gave me, and thanks for sharing your passion for music with me.

To Jason Reed: thanks for all the support you gave me, and for the great feedback.

To Stijn Paspont: thanks for contributing great quality content to Speed Machines, and thanks for choosing this tribe to share your passion.

And finally, thanks to everyone who’s contributed to Speed Machines, bumped and commented (nicely) on articles, and made this whirlwind 2 years possible; I am forever indebted to all of you.

So, that’s that. Not one for drawing goodbyes out, all I’ll say is that I wish all of you the very best moving forward, and I hope you all have a very prosperous 2019.

Per l’ultima volta, arrivederci,


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