This is a 911. Yes, it looks like any #Porsche 911. But this particular model celebrates its 40th year on the road, and runs beautifully!

Exactly 40 years ago, the Porsche launched the 911 2.7. A brand new design with new technologies and the beginning of these iconic prominent bumpers. It had a 5-speed manual gearbox coupled to 165 PS flat-six. It might not mean that much by today's standards, but trust me when I say that this engine loves revving and still feels quite punchy. Inside, the car will take you back to the 70's. An era where cloth and synthetic leather used to match, and cassettes were the most entertaining thing you could get. The least you could say is that there weren't a lot of gadgets. And that's why you got to love this car.

This looks nearly identical to the 964 which came out nearly 20 years later.

This looks nearly identical to the 964 which came out nearly 20 years later.

Finished in a beautiful Minerva Blue Metallic, this car is still running after 40 years on the road, and it feels like it could go on for 40 more. Amazingly enough, the car only has 73'400 km on the odo. It makes just a shy 1800 km per year. The beige interior is in excellent condition and makes a perfect combination with the exterior paint. The car has been slightly restored, but most importantly it has been well-maintained through the years. It is a matching number car which means it bears the original engine, chassis and gearbox. Additionally, the wheels are 100% original. They are from ATS and were delivered with the car when it came out of the factory.

this car is still running after 40 years on the road.

Jonathan Yarden

There aren't many cars from the 70's that run like this one. The engine is unbreakable and will start as soon as you initiate it. Other 911s might have had some small or bigger issues but overall, the 911 just might be the most reliable sports car ever. After all, 70% of all Porsche 911s are still on the road and this year, Porsche produced its 1 Millionth 911! So, yeah, it's kind of a success story. The legend could have stopped when they launched the 928, but the 911 is still going stronger and today represents approximately 20% of all sales. Why? Because the 911 platform has such a variety of models. From the extreme 700 PS GT2RS to the more "affordable" 370 PS Carrera. But back in the days, the 911 simply was the top of the line. You had the 2.7, the 2.7S, and the sporty Carrera. That was just fine, and that's why we find ourselves in front of a classic. This car blazed the path of current 911 generations, and quickly became a benchmark. In a society that never looks back, pieces of history like this Porsche will keep on being driven. Because new cars will never be similar to this one, and it's quite fun to go against the current.

Porsche 911 2.7

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Perego Cars, situated in Switzerland, for giving me the opportunity to review and shoot this car. Website: Facebook: Instagram:

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  • Stuff like that is why I love Drivetribe! Keep it coming!

      3 years ago
  • I love your photos and articles. Keep doing them.

      3 years ago
    • Thank you John! Comments like yours are so appreciated! Makes me happy that people like you who write so well give me good feedback

        3 years ago
  • On the American automotive magazine Vette which specialized in Corvettes had a special feature of the early String Ray (became Stingray from 68 to 82 C3 models) with the original owner used for daily commute and still with the original paint and interior, and running well. The cars reasonably well taken care of goes on. But the Corvette had a way more mileage on the clock. I assume the younger people who have never had a car with the heavy weight engine oil have no idea what the "reasonably well take care of" means. If it was driven for more than a quarter million mile or even lesser, the windshield as well as rubber parts and so on must be replaced. Well preserved spoiled car.

      3 years ago