That dune buggy from 'the thomas crown affair'

What happened to the corvair engined meyer's manx buggy that steve mcqueen drove?

What happened to the Dune Buggy that Steve McQueen used in the 1968 film 'The Thomas Crown Affair'?
Well...I have tracked down one of the two original cars after seeing a few replica and tribute cars being built in recent years. Alas I have no pics of the current state of the car I have found in Hawaii....I HAD been told that one of the original dune buggys had come to the UK in the 1970s........A current owner sent me a reply to my search....
"Aloha Andy
Yes I have the dune buggy
I don't believe it went to Europe To my understanding there were two cars made for the movie. I'm not sure of the whereabouts of the other car but read it went to Texas. I have seen the replicas that are being produced
The car I have has a know provenance being brought to Hawaii from Mr Pflueger . I was always fascinated by the car from the movie and when the car showed in Hawaii as my dad was a friend of his,and it was brought into Hawaii with a circle of people I had known. When I came across the car I knew what It was and was able to acquire the car."
Steve McQueen talks about the car..... - Andy Talbot

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